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The purpose of Adjuvant! is to help health professionals and patients with early cancer discuss the risks and benefits of getting additional therapy (adjuvant therapy: usually chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or both) after surgery. The goal is to help health professionals make estimates of the risk of negative outcome without systemic adjuvant therapy, estimates of the reduction of these risks afforded by therapy, and risks of side effects of the therapy. These estimates are based on information entered about individual patients and their tumors and are then provided on printed sheets in simple graphical and text formats to be used in consultations.

Annals of Internal Medicine 

Established in 1927 by the American College of Physicians Annals of Internal Medicine is a bimonthly publication of original articles, reviews, clinical conferences, editorials, letters, and other information relevant to internal medicine and related fields. Statements expressed in Annals of Internal Medicine reflect the views of the authors and not necessarily the policies of the journal or of the American College of Physicians, unless so identified. Annals gives free access to articles published early at prior to publication in the print version of Annals, articles that the Editors determine to be of immediate importance to the public, Clinical Guidelines and Summaries for patients, PDFs of all articles from 1999 to 6 months before the current issue,.full text (HTML) of all articles from 1993 to 1998.

British Medical Journal (BMJ) 

The BMJ (published weekly) aims to publish rigorous, accessible and entertaining material that will help doctors and medical students in their daily practice, lifelong learning and career development. In addition, it seeks to be at the forefront of the international debate on health. To achieve these aims it publishes original scientific studies, review and educational articles, and papers commenting on the clinical, scientific, social, political, and economic factors affecting health.

Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) 

The CMAJ is the leading health sciences journal in Canada. CMAJ is a general medical journal publishing original research and review articles, commentaries and editorials, practice updates, an arts and ideas section and health news. The website of the CMAJ contains the complete editorial contents of CMAJ, supplemented by a variety of interactive features and additional content. CMAJ is an open- and free-access journal—there are no author or page charges and access is provided free on the web without registration. The Journal is part of the PubMed Central collection of journals at the National Library of Medicine thus providing a guarantee of permanent archiving and open access. PubMed Central is now processing back issues of CMAJ to 1911.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI)

JNCI Cancer Spectrum is a knowledge environment that integrates the Journal of the National Cancer Institute with other sources of cancer information and contains features that make accessing this information easier. Members of the editorial staff of the Journal and the Cancer Spectrum editorial board oversee the content and development of JNCI Cancer Spectrum. In addition to the full content of the printed Journal with back issues from 1998 and selected content from earlier issues plus JNCI Monographs from No. 23 (1998), JNCI Cancer Spectrum contains a number of online-only features. Anyone can access tables of contents and abstracts for the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Journal content published 1 year or more ago, Editorials, Data Supplements, Cancer News, the Cancer Dictionary, Cancer Statistics, PDQ, Useful Links, and the Calendar of Events. Full access to all content is available by subscription.

Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) 

JAMA is a journal containing peer-reviewed, primary source, highly selected clinical science, disease prevention, and health policy information for physicians and other health professionals.


The Lancet is published weekly from editorial offices in London and New York. The journal is an independent and authoritative voice in global medicine without affiliation to a medical or scientific organisation it’s coverage is international in focus and extends to all aspects of human health. It aims to publish the best original primary research papers, and review articles of the highest standard.The Lancet is stringently edited and peer-reviewed to ensure the scientific merit and clinical relevance of its diverse content. The Lancet is available by personal subscription to individual physicians. It is also available by subscription to institutions, libraries, and biomedical companies.

New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) 

NEJM is the oldest continuously-published medical journal in the world and maintains the largest voluntarily-paid circulation of any peer-reviewed scientific journal, reaching physicians and other healthcare professionals in more than 120 countries. The NEJM is published weekly in English, and is owned, published, and copyrighted by the Massachusetts Medical Society. It belongs to the five 'core' leading medical journals of the world. The journal publishes editorials, ground-breaking original research papers, widely-cited review articles, correspondences, case reports and has a special section called "Images in Clinical Medicine".

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